The Certificate of Conformity to the requirements of the Technical Regulations of the Customs Union have been received

15 December 2021
(1.67 MB)

Our company became the winner of the Sverdlovsk Railway Startup Intensive

14 December 2021

We made a report at the Reporting event on the selection, preparation, testing, implementation of innovative projects aimed at creating and organizing the work of the regional site of the Sverdlovsk Railway — a branch of Russian Railways in as part of the "Startup Intensive SVZhD". The report on our NRG Energy Saving System was commented by Kotov Klimenty Anatolyevich, acting head of the road electrical laboratory of the Sverdlovsk Directorate for Energy Supply. Then the questions were asked and commented by Veselov Sergey Nikolaevich — Deputy chief engineer of the SVZhD.

Good news: Аn international patent application for our energy-saving system was published yesterday

27 May 2021 Initial Publication with ISR( (A1 21/2021)) (0.23 MB)

"Hide and Seek with Electricity." An article about our system was published in today's issue of Saint Petersburg Vedomosti

02 December 2020 Saint Petersburg Vedomosti (2020.12.02) (1.15 MB)

An article about our energy saving system has been published in the Swiss "NET Journal"

05 November 2020 Effzientes Stromsparsystem NRG aus Russland (0.85 MB)

А patent for the NRG energy-saving system have been received

18 September 2020
Patent for an invention #2731258, RU (1.42 MB) Abstract of invention, EN (0.76 MB)

The decision to grant a patent for an invention for the NRG energy-saving system manufactured by our company was made

24 July 2020
The decision to grant a patent, RU (0.50 MB)

Meeting with the management of GKU Energetika concerning the application of the NRG system at the sites of the housing and utilities sector

31 July 2019

On 16 July 2019, the meeting with the management of GKU Energetika concerning the application of the NRG system at sites of the housing and utilities sector took place in Moscow.

On 10-12 April, Kazan held the Tatarstan International Energy Resource Efficiency Forum 2019

15 April 2019
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NRG has been working with the LIT-PHONON JSC successfully for more than two and a half years

09 February 2019

On 8 February 2019 after two and a half years of operation at LIT-PHONON, NRG equipment was inspected. The total power of the equipment designed for the site is over 3,000 kW. According to the results of the inspection, all equipment is in excellent condition and working properly.

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NRG system has been included in the Russian register of the innovative products, technologies, and services recommended for application by Startbase.

22 May 2015

About 7.14% energy saved

27 April 2015

After site analysis, installation of NRG system (200 kW) on a customer’s site at Petrozavodsk has been completed. Report on the energy saved has been adopted.

Technical meeting protocol, RU (0.58 MB)

11th Housing and Public Utilities exhibition

30 March 2015

Our company took part in Energy Saving and Electrical Engineering. Housing and Public Utilities 2015 with a detailed report on the energy-saving NRG system.

Pre-installation site analysis procedure at one more facility in Petrozavodsk has been launched

14 February 2015

Annual Entrepreneurs Forum

13 September 2014

On 12 September 2014, President Hotel, the traditional venue for meetings of the members of the Administrative Directorate of the President of the Russian Federation, hosted the annual Entrepreneurs Forum, where our company introduced NRG system to the guests. The problem of energy efficiency was largely discussed.

The “Universale Energietechnologien” (World Energy-Saving Technologies) ongress

30 June 2014

Our experts took part in the “Universale Energietechnologien” congress in Munich with a report on NRG systems.


30 May 2014

The Swiss magazine Borderlands of Science published an article on the operating principles of the NRG system and its efficiency on different sites.

Energy audit summary by an independent expert organisation on the efficiency of the NRG system installed in the State Hermitage Museum

13 April 2014

Prommashtest LLC analysed transformer measurements taken in the Winter Palace building and made the detailed report of the efficiency of the NRG system installed.

Energy audit summary, RU (0.23 MB)

NRG system installed in the State Hermitage Museum

11 February 2014

On 10 February 2014, the NRG system (500 kW) was installed on transformer busbars (0,4 kV) in the The Great (Old) Hermitage building (34 Dvortsovaya Embankment). Pre-installation electrical measurement had been taken. After the installation, values of the network parameters were also recorded.