About us

We always strive to remain the best inventor team and constantly expand our achievements. Our company markets its own inventions in the field of alternative energy. However, we strive to provide more than just the delivery of the superior products and services that customers need. Our experts conduct research and participate in various programs that contribute to the development of industry and bring great benefits to the society. The company implements a strategy of accelerated development through innovations that increase efficiency, and strengthen organizational capabilities and partnerships.

Energy saving has been such a popular word lately. Everyone constantly talks about energy saving, discusses, organizes various exhibitions and conferences devoted to energy saving, even develops and approves new laws on energy saving, for example, Russian Federal Law № 261. Reducing energy consumption is a matter of great concern. It will not only reduce cash costs for electricity, but also save valuable natural resources, reduce the amount of harmful emissions, and therefore improve the overall environmental situation in our world. But if you think about it — there are not so many means that can reduce energy consumption, we can say that they are very few. An example is new energy-saving light bulbs, soft starters for powerful electric motors, reactive power compensators, the installation of various "smart" systems to optimize lighting. But all of the above methods have one significant drawback — they are not universal, their use is designed for a narrow segment of electricity consumers.

At the same time, there is universal equipment that can reduce energy consumption for almost any consumer using alternating electric current.

Our company is a developer and manufacturer of energy-saving NRG system. The energy-saving NRG system is the result of many years of research aimed at finding valuable mineral raw materials, which allows to obtain new composite electrical materials. Their use in energy supply systems allows you to control electrical energy. Such alternative energy attracts consumers with its operational and cost characteristics.